Salute the World Peace in One Hour

Cross your right leg over the left or vice versa, position your arms under 90 degrees as on this photo, find significant scenery behind you or something of importance for the culture you are coming from, nature, beauty or artistic approach and send it to us via upload or/and email address:, and a reserve one: Send us your name the way you want us to credit you, photo credit, precise location and the date and the time.

We established a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page World Peace in One Hour, where anybody can submit the WP1H Sign. Wherever I go and salute, people, spontaneously, do the same with a smile. An example in Beijing, China below.

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Nenad Bach
Nenad Bach in Beijing, China
Nenad Bach, 23.08.2018 in Bjelovar, Croatia
Nenad Bach & Alen Kaminski in, Croatia